An understanding of the Mavericks Learning Approach

Proven by research

Our research team draws from the expertise of the top neural science practitioners around the world to continuously improve learning outcomes for students—and it's that research that drives our innovative, research-proven education solutions.

Built on research

Cognitive neurosciences have been deeply immersed in research from the get-go.

MLA is built on ground-breaking research on how the brain learns from cognitive scientists, as well as over 30 years of evidence-based research. We work diligently to apply all of this research to our curriculum to give our students the best learning experience possible.

The mavericks learning approach speaks for itself

International Book of Records

The children under the mavericks program were able to identify and locate the maps of hundreds of countries, their capitals and the prime ministers around the world which has set a world record

World Book of Records

More than 600 students were able to recite the periodic table along with the atomic number and chemical formulae.